Dragon's Lair by Chantal Fernando



Ok, so this has been reworked and re-released and having not read the original I have to say I am pleasantly surprised.
While it isn’t the most convoluted of MC books I have read and I have to say it has plenty going on.
Law student Faye still lives at home and has a good thing going with the guy next door Eric, that is until she catches him cheating on her – but determined to shake of the cobwebs of the years she has devoted to Eric and a relationship that he was obviously not as invested in as she was. She kicks her heels up on a let it loose night out and ends up having one gloriously naughty night with non-other than Dex – Eric’s sexy as sin big brother.
Dex is the VP of the local MC Club and I have to say there are few that have a good word to say about him, including his devious shit of a brother. But when Faye discovers that their one night stand has lasting consequences she is forced to take matters into her own hands because her parents are less than supportive.
Out on her own she does what she feels best and takes to the road. Just a shame she hadn’t considered the fact that no matter what others might say about Dex, he has a say in what she is going through and when he finds out… he is damn well determined to make sure that he gets say his bit. Believe me is a man not to be crossed!!!
When he finds out that Faye has gone he goes completely demented and sets out with everything and everyone he has to track her down, this man takes his parental responsibilities seriously and won’t take no for an answer – full on alpha kicks in and it leaves Faye with limited selections on what to do next because this sexy assed biker just isnt listening.
Collected and deposited back at the MC club, Dex is adamant that she will want for nothing, he will provide for her and their child.
Now, while the story itself is not exactly anything unanticipated I have to say that I found the characters engaging, no scratch that they were super. And although every one of the guys in the club came to life on every page and the story was totally engaging, I have to say that I was missing something, although it was only slightly but it was there.
I think I found the guys just not quite what I had in my head for bikers, the story gave everything that an MC novel should, drama, bloodshed and sex but it all seemed a little clean, almost slightly sanitized, the grit and detail wasn’t quite deep enough, I wanted a proper bad guy and what we effectively got was full on romance.
I’m not against a love story, far from it and I loved the fact that Faye got the guy that she really had grown up drooling at over the garden fence and I loved seeing a man that no matter what perception might dictate is prepared to do the right thing and to protect and guard what is his and Faye is his, and it appears that he may have always seen her that way. He oozed charm and charisma and was more than able to turn the heat up when he got his woman in his hands, oh and what a filthy mouth!!
I appreciate the fact that there is more to come from this series and that this book effectively was laying the ground work and introducing the whole club, and I have to say that the guys in the club were some of the most complete I have read, they were funny and not just their humour, quirks be damned I want to see what else they have to offer.