Kick by Carmen Jenner


Kick will take you to places that you never thought you wanted to go and it will do so willingly, with a smile on its face and a chuckle behind its words because it knows what is going to happen, it knows the pain it is about to inflict upon you and it wants you to feel it, it wants to shock you, it wants to make you sit up and say WTF was that because that way it knows you are paying attention and that way it knows that what it has to say matters.

This book pretends to be nothing, it gives it to you straight right from the very first page. It is raw and uncompromising and deliberately so… and I say thank god it is because behind the story lies so much more than I could have ever thought I would experience at the hands of an author.

Kick (Daniel) has been a biker brat all his life, he knows no different and doesn’t want too. His brothers can expect everything from him but his women, well they barely register and that is just the way he likes it. After all if he can’t have who he wants, he will do without anything of any meaning. Needs must and are fulfilled but feelings are not something that Kick has anytime for.

I got the impression that Kick had nothing to live for and after the life he has lead that is really no surprise, what is a surprise is the fact that he has managed to live until now – but is that about to change because he has a price on his head and target on his back – and a stack of enemies just waiting to take him down.

His life was not one to be taken lightly, he had been through so much that at times it was difficult to draw breath. Under the biker bravado and leathers there was so much more, a life that had experience more than most and lived to draw another breath, how I don’t know but he did and that in some respects was inspiring.

I understand why the author chose to go down this route with Kick, it wasn’t for sensationalism or for deliberate gratuity it was because Kick- sorry Daniel deserved to have his story told- warts and all and as his life had been raw, gritty and brutal- so must his story.

Ms Jenner took me to the heart of the motorcycle gang and left me with Kick to fight my way through it day by day, just like he had. I felt his emotion, his pain and his frustration but I also turned the last page with a hope in my heart that everyone deserves their moment of redemption, and that includes Kick.

An amazingly gutsy story that will leave you dumbfounded in admiration for this author’s talent.