Blindsided by Ava Kendrick

I might be the most lethargic human being on the face of the planet but there is absolutely nothing I enjoy more than a story firmly entrenched on the sports field.

Jake and Rose were great characters but there was more than just their relationship going on in the book.  

The story was quick to establish its direction, Rose occupied more and more of Jake’s time after he had initially met her but she had other ideas.

Life as a single mother has left her with little time or inclination to get involved with anyone, never mind the super-hot and filthy rich Jake Thorne but staying clear of him isn’t going to be easy, especially when her job means that their working relationship is a little closer than she would have liked.

But there is meddling behind the scenes that means that her time in her job is far from fruitful...geez guys give the girl a break!

We all know how bad it can be when women have their noses pushed out of place and have the opportunity to sharpen their claws…but men are no different and in this book, there was plenty of that and I had an awful feeling that Rose was being hung out to dry to serve other people’s purposes! The treatment she received from people who should have known better was harsh to say the least!

But I was so pleased that Jake was less than willing to accept the inference that he needed to keep his distance from her, he was going to stop at nothing to have her in his life.

The author had a solid pace about the story, she didn’t allow the story to stutter at all and the story gathered along at a fair pace for almost the whole read. There were secondary characters that I can only hope we get the opportunity to hear more about, namely Van and Sam but there were also characters that I could have quite happily never have heard from in the first place, but again isn’t it great to have a character to really dislike!

This was a sweet romance, yes it had a sporting context but I don’t think that the setting was a distraction to the fact that this was about two hearts that once they had set their sights on their happy ever after, refused to let anyone put obstacles in the way.

I look forward to the next book from this author who has very quickly become one to watch!

Topic: Blindsided by Ava Kendrick

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