Salvation and Secrets

by L A Cotton


Book two and holy cow!

After the end of book one, the desperation to see where Ana and Jackson had gotten too was excruciating. I had to know if they were not only ok but had the managed to resolve their situation.

Now, I was fuming with Jackson, or as fuming as you can possibly be with a fictional character but then again why am I explaining this too you, you will all be in exactly the same boat!

When I felt as if I could have kicked is ass in book one, in this I initially actually wanted to throttle him but then I read on a little more and I got a peek inside the mind of the man and I learnt why he was doing what he was and I could see that he was doing what he felt was the right and responsible thing to do, no matter how much it hurt- not only Ana but him in the process.

Protecting her was paramount … his game changer because whether she knew it or not she owned him, every last bit.

Ana on the other hand, has reached rock bottom yet again, she is completely distraught at the fact that her heart has been broken. But just when she thought that she had no-one, she finds an unlikely good samaritan, Paul.

Now if like me the name Paul has you reaching to flip through the first book again, then I will admit that he skipped past me too, he was one of the secondary characters that to be honest I actually seem to have side-lined completely because I didn’t even recognise his name.

But he is prominent in this story and Ana needs his friendship, even if he secretly hopes that it might become more. I liked Paul and if I could I would apologise to him, he seemed to be a good guy – he didn’t take advantage even though he could have on a number of occasions

I was left with more of a headache with this book that I was after book one, the story had more twists and turns than I had thought there would be and I got more and more frustrated was the story went on.

I needed Ana to get a grip!

She took unnecessary risks, she was scatty, and in some ways elusive.

She had more to lose than most but she was glib at times with the one thing she should be in control of – her and her security. She was less than forthcoming with details when she knew damn well the importance of what she was withholding and it was her turn to rile me to the point of anger – she was frustratingly naive and it was unwarranted!!!

The character tables turned, I left the book conflicted but desperate for them to find a way to survive the chaos and anarchy that surrounds them.

A super read that captures the imagination.

Topic: Salvation and Secrets by L A Cotton

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