4.5 Stars
Hands Up, I will admit it…the cover drew me, but it was the words that kept me captivated!
I wasn’t sure what to expect, I know that Kristy Bromberg wasn’t going to let me down but darn it the pictures I had managed to conjure up in my head from just the cover alone were enough to have me positively palpitating at the prospect of ever more gloriousness.
Grady is a firefighter, and as sexy as sin as he is has lived for the last two years with an unwavering level of self-imposed guilt and regret over the death of his best friend Drew. He didn’t survive that incident unscathed, but he refuses to see that Drew’s death was nothing but a tragic accident that he shouldn’t blame himself for…but telling himself that and actually believing it is a bridge that he has yet to cross and the nightmares that haunt him show no sign of abating until he does.
Songwriter Dylan is looking for a place to stay, having left the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles and her no-good cheating ex. She was a firecracker of a character, she was ready to move on, but her job meant that her ties to her ex Jett were very real. But that didn’t mean she had to like it or him for that matter.
With her brother just having become a father to twins, staying with him was out of the question but her brother fixes her up with a room at Grady’s place, after all, they’re buddies and that’s what buds do for each other they help out…and anyway they wouldn’t see that much of each other with him working odd hours etc. Well, that was the plan he had in his head anyway but as they say the best-laid plans!!! Because living in the “Friend Zone” is hard work when there is a chemistry between them that is fighting to be let loose.
I got that they both had pasts that were holding on for dear life and that was stopping them from doing and being everything they could be but together, they made their own brand of magic but that was a whole new ball game, one that refused to be silenced and one that was ready to drag them long for the ride…ready or not love was on the cards for Grady and Dylan…they just had to be prepared to ride it out together.
Emotionally this was packed, the connection as breath taking, the emotional connection was flawlessly conveyed and left my heart a little tarnished as it went.
I adored the depth of feeling and the complex but innocent honesty of the story, it was fantastic


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