A Reaper Made by Liz Long


I do not read this genre of novel as a matter of course but I have to say that once I realised what I was reading, I was very pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed it – Am I a convert? well maybe, maybe not but what I will not dispute is the authors talent. The story is beautifully written

Grace, dies when she was very young and has become a Reaper. Now, I got my head around this concept pretty quickly and to be honest I actually quite liked the idea.

I like Grace, I liked the fact that she was just so real, so normal. Her attitude and wit were completely endearing. And she had no issue with taking those around her down a peg or two when required.

Now, not wanting to go too far into a story that without having read the other in the series, I may unwittingly misinterpret, I can say that in this book Grace and Tully along with Tessa set out to discover what the threat is that is facing not only the reapers but the humans.

It really was an intelligent mystery to all intents and purpose that just happened to be set in the realms of the supernatural and to be honest I got caught up in the storyline and was in a way distracted from the scenario.

The twists and turns in the storyline came thick and fast but damn the bad guys just kept on coming.

I enjoyed the characteristics that the author gave to some of the main characters, namely Tessa – I really liked her, she was a feisty old witch!!

For a story that I would never have picked up if I had read the blurb, I am delighted that I didn’t because this was an exceptional story and one that has opened my eyes to this exciting genre.