Hope is Lost by Emma James

The continuation of the fabulous Ocean Beach Series and is every bit as glorious as the first book A Little Faith was.

We are able to catch up with all the main protagonists from the first book and we are skilfully introduced to some new ones. The relationship between the characters is absolutely the key to the story and it is written without fault. Each and every one of them is integral to the flow of the book and each of them makes your heart beat just that little bit fast because what happens to them matters and Ms James has empowered each and every one of them with the ability to break your heart.

This story belongs to Keanu – not one to show his emptions willingly, this funny guy hides behind the veneer of humour that he has carefully erected around himself but when he falls victim to a street mugger, he is left in a really bad way – his is lucky that he is found and helped by two homeless people.

Hope tries to check up on him but hates it when she becomes embroiled in the kindness and gratitude that emanates from those around Keanu, she finds thanks difficult to take and the spotlight an uncomfortable place to be.

When Keanu makes it back onto his feet and eventually sees Hope, he knows that this woman is someone that he just has to pull out all the stops for – he owes her and will do everything in his power to repay the debt that he owes her for saving his life. But he isn’t about to forget Ajax’s part in his rescue either has plans to remedy that too.

In fact Keanu was just a really good guy, I liked that he thought about others, that he was prepared to make good on his promises. He tried – I mean who the hell offers their mugger a job! But he learns quickly that there is only so much help you can give someone- not all his efforts go to plan.

I loved the dynamic that surround the whole group, the fact that Faith is as feisty as ever – she gives those guys stick and isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!

The author gives ingenious little hints to situations that are brewing so to speak, like when she shows us the change in Harley with regards to Text and Faith but she is clever in that she leave our imagination to run riot and insures that we carry the desire for the next instalment in the series.

This is a wonderful look into the lives of a diverse group of people brought together by circumstance but bonded through experience. They enrich each other’s live and provide not only hope but family.

I am looking forward to reading what Emma James has to offer in the next of the Ocean Beach instalment – a beautifully crafted, poignantly descriptive and emotionally evocative series – and I absolutely loved this story.