The Bastard

by Lisa Renee Jones

This drew me it, churned me around a little (no, a lot actually) and spat me happily back out the other side and I am delighted about every second of it too!

Eric and Harper are a couple with a less than auspicious past, so when after six years she pops back into his life needing his help…to uncover what the heck is going on at his father’s company no less, let’s just say he is less than happy to see her and wants no part of her investigation. I mean why would he, she’s been out of his life for so long and as for his family, the longer he can keep them out of his life the better – so nothing about getting involved is appealing but Harper has been the woman he just doesn’t seem to be able to refuse for far too long and things don’t seem to be about to change no matter how he feels.

Once they arrive in Denver Eric is soon shielding her from forces that they are desperately trying to uncover, because as they delve deeper into what exactly his family are up to and why people are dying the road they are on is not going to be smooth for long.

I loved Eric’s protective streak, he was different with Harper, more open than first appeared possible, but he doesn’t save that trait for many people, because with almost everyone else he well and truly lives up to his moniker of “Bastard”.

Harper was more than I initially thought, she was a tad wishy-washy at first for me but when the bad guys were pushing her buttons she was more than willing to roll her sleeve up and get stuck in.

As you can probably imagine, the two of them weren’t exactly winning any friends as they tried to uncover what was going on but I liked that, that didn’t deter them and with a little help from some friends they were able to make inroads into what was happening and why…but of course not everything is as it seems and when Harper herself is faced with her own secrets being revealed, let’s just say that the resulting devastation for both Harper and Eric sets the wait for the next book up very nicely indeed!!


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