The Silent Waters

by Brittainy C Cherry


Evocatively angst ridden, yet emotionally astute. This book was written with such beauty, such acumen, such attitude that I just never wanted to stop reading. I could see the pages melt away beneath my fingertips and I was willing there to me more, keeping my fingers crossed that the author wasn’t ready to call time on the story and that I didn’t have to put it down. This is a story that will stay with me for a while, well actually the whole series will and not just because they have some of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen, no the story is that good, it deserves higher praise than I am possible ever likely to be worthy of giving.

The story didn’t flow, it coursed. The characters didn’t just tell me their story they spoke to me, told from dual points of view, I felt as if I was alongside them listening intently to every word. It wasn’t what they said so much as what they couldn’t say that wrapped itself around me.

Maggie was silent, externally verbally non communicative but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have plenty to say. Her life wasn’t as you learn when the circumstances surrounding the loss of her voice, was far from easy, she had experienced things that no child should ever bear witness too but she survived and has continued to do so. But as tough as some of the situations have been she has always had her friends and family to fall back on but what happens when the one thing you have loved your entire life is the one thing you know you have to give away?

Maggie and Brooks have loved each other from childhood, they have grown and developed together but when their lives are forced onto a different path and their time together is cut short I was left reeling. I wanted this beautiful pair to have a happy ever after that was a rich and rewarding as they were but deep down I knew it wasn’t possible…but a girl can hope right?

I cried when they parted ways, but I understood that Maggie wanted what she thought as best not just for Brooks but also for her, she didn’t believe she could be enough for him and that she would hold him back and whilst that might have appeared to be as far from the truth as I could have imagined, I understood her reasoning, I didn’t agree with it but I understood it.

So while Brooks did the best he could to move on, his love belonged to one person and he just couldn’t love anyone the way he loved Maggie.

I loved Brooks, he had such a kind soul, a gentle kindness about him that Maggie brought to the fore. He cared so deeply for her and needed her to show him that she cared the same way.

Could Maggie see that her life between the pages of the books she held so dear was standing in the way of a life that needed no script, that could eclipse any narrative and defy description.

Brooks needed her to know that she held his heart in her hands and he didn’t want it back unless she came with it!

Emotional wrung out, I thought the story was just fabulous. I suggest you keep a tissue handy but if you love a work for it love story then this might just be the one for you.

Topic: The Silent Waters by Brittainy C Cherry

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