Unchain My Heart by Jani Kay

Unchain My Heart by Jani Kay


I have loved Ryder Knox since the first page of the very first book – but in this book two of the series – the man is elevated to superstar status – every word is sheer genius and Jani Kay pulls off her own brand of magic by turning this badass biker into the most romantic of hero’s – he is the antithesis of everything we would have expected but OMG he is everything that we would want.

Ryder lives his life by his own rules but in this we get to see that in order to have the woman he loves more than life itself – he is willing to move the goalposts. Bending the rules to fit the situation – Ryder is well aware that he is treading very fine line with the club in order to have his woman but he can’t live without her and isn’t prepared to try.

Jade and Ryder have been through the mill up to this point and life has no intension of easing up on the pair of them – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, so the saying goes well if that is true then Ryder and Jade are indestructible, because the shit that they have been through beggars belief.

Jade’s brother Harrison is front and centre in the story and his hatred of all things MC is quintessentially the burden that he feels he must carry for the events that happened more than a decade before. Harrison wears his grief like a cloak – one that is eating him alive from the inside. But could the one man he hates more than anyone else actually be responsible for introducing a little light in his life? Well not that Ryder is happy about it but the attraction between Harrison and Ryder’s half-sister Eva is intense. Could she be just what the doctor would order to lift Harrison from the path of destruction?

The book gives the reader a truly in depth experience because we get to read the story from the perspective of all FOUR main characters. Although it is mainly Ryder and Jade. Some of the situations they find themselves in were truly heart-breaking but their strength comes from the love they have for each other and that is completely unshakeable. Their families have little choice but to begin to come to terms with the fact that this pair have absolutely no intension of living life to anyone else’s tune but their own.

I was in two minds about how I felt about Harrison from what we had learnt in book one but I have to admit that whilst he wouldn’t have made it to the top of my Christmas card list – hell he wouldn’t have been on there at all, I did get where he was coming from. Grief is illogical and he had allowed his grief to consume him – he lost everything and needed a focus in order to survive – his focal point may have been misconstrued but it was his mistake to make and it was his pain to bear. But in this we get to see a little of the man behind the mask and what else could be possibly be but a Dom!

Hell yes! Perfect characterisation – this broody, miserable man needed to be able to reign himself in and by exercising control in the bedroom, he has a way to control his darkness.

What he didn’t understand was the fact that Eva could see through his exterior and got the man that he hid from the rest of the world. She could see that inside that gruff miserable exterior there was a good guy just hoping to get out but Harrison had buried him so deep, she didn’t know if he would ever be willing to try.

Their relationship could be the makings of something completely fantastic!

I love the fact that we get to see Ryder in a positive light, prepared to earn an honest living ( or as honest as the MC can be) and to take the club with him – his father and brother are both on his side, he has big plans and even bigger ideas.

I loved this book – just like I have loved the whole series so far – the world is a better place for having Ryder Knox in it – fictional or not!

Rating Fabulous 5 out of 5