Found at the Library by Christi Snow

A romance is a romance, no matter the gender of those involved and that is the way that I addressed this book, once I actually cottoned on to the fact that it was MM – because not being one to actually pay much attention to blurb etc. – I mean the word library and a hot cover were enough to garner my attention.

When the penny dropped and it became obvious that the book fell within the MM genre, I should have done the sensible thing and passed it over to my co-blogger and let her have her way with it – she is all about the boys but by that time I was invested and I wanted to finish what I had started.

So what can I say about the book, well firstly I would like to say that the author is completely new to me but she can certainly pack some heat into her pages, she holds nothing back.

The story revolves around two intensely creative men, Mac is an author and Tommy is and artist.

I understood Mac, the passion he felt for the written word, the fact that he just couldn’t get enough of books, and the way they made him feel, his life popped because of the joy that books brought into it.

Tommy uses books as his medium, with which to create his art, so buying second hand a local sale is a great way to keep his costs down but what he didn’t expect was to catch the eye of one of the sexy helpers.

Harmless banter and a little light flirting , quickly gives way to some heated emotions when Mac realises what Tommy has in mind for the much beloved books. Honestly I thought Mac had a bit of a cheek really – art in any form is a passionate business and his reaction was a bit over the top.

Tommy made a hasty retreat loading up his books and heading back to his studio, wondering what the heck had just happened!

As surprised and appalled that Tommy was going to use the books in his art, Mac couldn’t help but be intrigued by him. So when they bump into each other for a second time, it was only natural that that spark of interest was going to intensify.

They try, they really do to take steps towards a relationship so to speak but they really were struggling to find an even keel with which they could put down any form of foundation – no sooner did they appear to have things worked out than something, no matter how trivial would blow their plans out of the water.

The story doesn’t hang around and neither do the characters, the sweep across the page with consummate ease and I must say that they regale and divulge a life that is both eclectic and intense.

They have issue from not only their pasts but also their here and now (Mac’s deadlines and Tommy’s brother) that seem determined to keep the two of them apart. But can they find their way, could they possibly have what it takes to get their happy ever after or like Mac’s story will it all end in tears?

The story was one that drew on a number of factors to make it work, it didn’t shy away from everyday issues but it also clearly demonstrated that if you love someone you find a way to make it work – difference are only problems until you take time to work them through!

Topic: Found at the Library by Christi Snow

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