Go to Hail

by Lani Lynn Vale

I feel slightly disconcerted when I know I have a new Lani Lynn Vale book on my kindle, it’s strange but I can’t leave it there and get around to it when I have finished, nope, not me it’s like my cat is with catnip…I’m totally addicted. Like a hyperactive toddler at Christmas, I just have to take a peek and once I have steamed through the first page, my life is on hold because there is no chance that I am going to be able to put it down!
I feel owned by this woman and her words and …I care not one jot!
Anyway, enough about me and my lunacy, what about the book?
I love the heroes that Lani ploughs all her attention into she gives them a humanity that I can imagine many looking at them from the exterior wouldn’t afford them, Travis was to all extents an abused man, he may not look like it or even act like it but the way his ex Allegra treated him and psychologically continues to treat him was abuse, malicious, vindictive, disgraceful abuse but he shouldered it for the love of his child and the refusal to allow her to think that despite her mother’s best efforts, that he didn’t love her. That doesn’t mean he liked her very much when she wore the attitude that her mother painted her with so well to greet him but she was his little girl and he had to see that responsibility through. I admired his determination but was darn sure that there would come a saturation point when the tinder keg of emotions that he was surrounded by would explode…I wasn’t wrong!
I adored Hannah and thought that for much of the book she had the patience of a saint, the pressure on Travis the man she loved and had a child with but couldn’t actually be in a relationship with because of the stuff going on with Allegra would have driven a less woman to drink! She was as sharp as a tack and so strong that I couldn’t help but root for her and the chance that her and Travis could find a way to be together, little did I know just how hard his buttons would have to be pushed for the war of attrition that he was facing to come to ahead.
The book featured so much about family, the love between Travis and his brothers, especially Dante, my heart broke for him and what he had been through, oh and his Mum well that is a woman I would love to meet. But Travis wasn’t the only one with strong family ties, nope Hannah and her brother were glorious they were fantastic siblings with a real bond that was fantastic to read.
Written in a cleverly detailed retrospective in parts, this gave a clearer look at not only where they had been but what had happened in their pasts to get them to where they are now and it is through those passages that I got to see that what they had, was so deep-rooted that they were destined to be together, they just had to find a way to figure out how.
A manic as Allegra is, I was happy that it was through her lunacy that they finally got to where they needed to be.
Deliciously steamy and thoroughly enticing this is a series like all the others that just keeps on getting better and better with each new character and the promise of what is to come next.

Topic: Go to Hail by Lani Lynn Vale

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