Rebel by Callie Hart

Be prepared for a ride like no other and like only the inimitable Callie Hart can take you on because Rebel will take your breath away!!

Life is fairly ordinary for Alexis until the night that everything she knew was taken from her, including her true identity – has to be the worst possible case of wrong place, wrong time.

One act of kindness, stopping to help an man she finds dying in the street has cost her, her freedom and is about to cost her so much more, because the sex trade beckons and her fate is out of her control.

But what happens when the man you stopped to help wasn’t just any old guy, but a member and uncle of a rival MC.

But buying and keeping this woman is only the beginning because gets so much more when he takes her on!

Alexis has assumed her false identity – so from here on in she is,i Sophia and no-one must ever find out what and who her family are. A task and a half but this feisty girl is more than up for the job.

Rebel, well what can I say – he is one sexy assed m********ker, sharp as a tack and loyal to the core there is nothing that he want do to see the men that killed his uncle brought to justice and for that he needs Sophia onside.

But it was Sophia that stole the show, dear lord she has enough to cope with but she was a fighter to the core and giving up was never an option – she has a family to get back too.

Rebel was forthright and direct when it came to what he wanted and expected and as with many MC books he certainly wasn’t shy when it came to sex but unlike many MC books this had just a little bit more – something that put it just a smidge ahead. It was gritty and tough, honest and dark in places but it was engaging, the characters drew me in and they held my attention as I held on and continue to hold on to the hope that this is all going to work out ok!

As the first part in a new series, I was surprised how much ground was covered in the story and how quickly things evolved but I have to say that I am looking forward to the next book to see how much of the substantial groundwork done in this story weaves its way through the continuing drama.