Possessed Part One

by Coco Cadence



Step up ladies, Leo King has arrived but be prepared to both love and hate him because he is an ass of the highest order who will weadle his way under your skin and start what I am anticipating will be a very slow and deliberate march towards your heart because I have a very sneaky feeling that this sexy but arrogant man has more layers than the author is willing to let on.

I really felt for Samantha initially – I mean, I am all for doing what it takes to keep your job but pretending to be his wife …really that is just taking a job description a little too far, or is it because when the guy is question is the god that swims around in all your fantasies – it just may be a dream come true. Albeit wrapped in a fairly prickly exterior.

Leo may be a hot as hades but he is hard work, the long line of ex-personal assistants is testament to that fact but Samantha is no shrinking violet and is more than able to meet Leo head on.

The fall out just might be dynamite.

I found the chatter between the two of them hilarious and some of the scenes will have you chuckling - I mean the whole situation with her, the aeroplane toilet and her cyber hook-up, had me in stitches – it was just down right laugh your ass off funny!

I loved the fact that there was obviously a pull between the pair of them prior to Leo laying down his demand for her to pretend to be his wife but I also got the hesitancy of the two of them.

I loved Sam, her humour, her witty comebacks and her naught streak, she was just so damn normal. 

And Leo well I think I said it earlier – I am 100% certain that this man has more secrets that I could possibly put a figure on and I can’t wait to see what else he is hiding.

I hated his family on first introduction – I mean his sister jeez!!

And as for the cliffy at the end - well don’t say you haven’t been warned but holy cow, it was a corker!!

Fabulous first instalment of this new series and I am already hungry for the next book – Sam and Leo have me hooked!!