Knox Volume 3 by Cassia Leo


Knox Volume 3 by Cassia Leo

Holy Cow, this series is hazardous to your health!

Told from Knox’s point of view this is as uncompromising as the previous volumes, in fact probably more so.

We see Knox in his all his unadulterated glory. The real man behind the alpha beast he uses to shield himself from the world.

We are left in absolutely no doubt about how he feels about Rebecca and in this volume we get to see exactly how far he is prepared to go to get her back.

No different than the books 1 & 2 this story has enough twists and turns in the plot that you’ll be lucky not to end up with whiplash.

Rebecca is missing not only figuratively by narratively but her presence is very much carried through the story by Knox – sorry to say but I didn’t actually miss her.

It’s an emotional overload towards the end and yet again I was blindsided by the cliff hanger!

With another volume due soon – I can soothe myself with the fact that I haven’t had to say goodbye to Knox yet – or have I?


Rating 4.5 out of 5