by Alice K. Wayne

frustrated often but this one had me just about ready to throw in the towel!

While the Ramirez boys are as different as three brothers could possibly, they are also connected by a family that plays by its own rules.

Santiago is the eldest of the brothers and as you might expect he wears responsibility well, and while ladies’ man Tomás is propping up the other end of the trio as the baby of the bunch, it is Mateo in the middle that seems to scream trouble from every pore, I have a feeling that his story will be explosive.

But that will have to wait because in this we get a better look smooth operator Tomás and Mikayla.

 Now, I would have considered that as journalist Mikayla would have been a little wary of taking a job with Tomás, I mean I understood that it was as a means to an end and that she was only actually on a fact finding mission, hoping to dig up some dirt on the criminal world that the brothers and their family move amongst but did  she never think for one second that she might not be the only one keeping an eye on what was happening around them, Tomás may have bene playing his cards close to his chest but it was obvious that he was holding all the aces. Mikayla just didn’t know it yet!

The chemistry between the two of them was intense but not everything was what it seemed and Tomás knew that when she found out what he was hiding nothing would ever be the same again. Could he keep it from her?

I liked the dichotomy that Mikayla found herself in when she had to face the situation that came up with her friend Quentin, would she relinquish her principles or could she find a resolution…I had my doubts.

Between the two of them I found myself both fulfilled and frustrated. They were had the capacity to render me both speechless, yet frustrated at the same time. Overall I think it just about worked and the inclusion of the remainder for the family definitely helped.

This may have been a family that walked a fine line between crime and criminality but they did so together, they understood family and what it took to look after their own and that I couldn’t fault.

A few teething problems that ere soon ironed out and on the whole I would say a decent read, looking forward to the next story.


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