Two's Company

by Alice La Roux

My second read from Ms La Roux and it had a lot to live up to because Firebird was something rather special (I urge you to read it is you haven’t already)

The story centre around Mira, a feisty woman with a whole lot of attitude that is only tempered by the level of insecurities that she hides behind also. When Dom first approached Mira I had everything crossed that she would tell him what he could do with his suggestion that she join him and his partner Katya. She was too good to be the third wheel in their relationship and while I might have known that I also knew that the story wouldn’t lie until Mira knew that too…but what would it take for the penny to drop?

I don’t mean to sound as if I didn’t like Dom, quite the opposite, he was a nice guy and in many respects he was the right guy for Mira, but I didn’t want what he was offering for her, I wanted her to have more and by that I mean I wanted him for her and her alone, she wasn’t the type of woman that should have needed to share and I guess I found the fact that she was even considering it made me question my opinions.

I understood when Mira struggled to hold her feelings inside, a blind man could see that she was falling for Dom, so catching sight of him and Katya ( who I have to admit I thoroughly despised) out in a social setting was like a knife to the heart, she was struggling to keep her emotions in check and as much as I was praying that those around her would urge her to reconsider, I also knew in my heart that this headstrong Miss, was determined enough to see her commitment through to the end.

The journey they were on was one that was destined to change them all forever and I liked that about them, the author gave them personality, she brought them to life and allowed me to really get a feel for who they were on the inside and that isn’t an easy thing to achieve. Of course, they faced challenges but it was the way they overcame those challenges that spoke volumes, nothing worth having is ever achieved easily and this book certainly advocated that sentiment.

If you have the opportunity to set aside some serious reading time then this is a book that I felt was best read in one sitting, and whilst it was spicy without being tawdry, the main thing it had going for it was that it gave off an air of positivity, it didn’t sugar coat or pretend, Mira was wasn’t the unattainable woman with supermodel figure, she was real and that gave the whole story credence because it embraced the normality that we all live every day, the things that shape the decisions we make and ultimately like Mira, makes us the people we are.

Mira was the woman I would see in the bar, the girl in the coffee shop, the bestie that I could gossip with over lunch, the authors tone and talent made her that connectable. A thoroughly enjoyable read that has me hunting out the rest of this authors work.

Highly recommended


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