Enticing Liam

by Kristen Proby

A sweet, quick read that was a great addition to the Big Sky Royal series.

In general, I thought the story was fairly easy to follow and in places a little predictable, but I can’t say that I found that distracting, because I was able to read from start to finish in just one sitting.

Ellie and Liam were great characters, Liam acting as her bodyguard was a broody serious guy, who took his role as head of security very seriously but this princess was so enticing…he didn’t want to want her but darn it, there was just something about her that was almost impossible to resist.

There was just enough angst between the pages to keep the story not just interesting but flowing well. I liked that both Ellie and Liam had their issues, they were both flawed so to speak, attributes that this author seems to be able to ensure plays to their advantage.

Can two souls who appear to be poles apart possibly find a way to be happy?



Topic: Enticing Liam by Kristen Proby

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