The Scheme by Mia Kayla


Looking for something to warm the cockles of your heart then this is it.

Mia dishes up a beautifully warm and charmingly funny read and I have to say that like many others who have read the story, I read it with a grin on my face and a smile in my soul.

Honestly this is one of those books that gives romance a not just a good name but a great one!

Brian is one of life’s good guys but his track record with the ladies is woeful and isn’t for the want of trying.

Really he always seems to be on the back foot – I was pleading for someone to cut him a break!

But when he decided to take the bull by the horns so to speak and move to the city, I had a hankering that he would be in a happier place, plenty more fish in a larger pond and all that.

But what if the fish you never knew you wanted has jumped ponds too?

Brian ends up in the accident and emergency room and is promptly confronted by a blast from his past… who would have thought it?

Kendy is a nurse at the hospital, and her tie to Brian is I suppose what could be described as being tenuous at best but nevertheless it is there. When I say tenuous I really should say friend of a friend – he dated her friend until as per the usual pattern of events, he got jilted for another man.

But Kendy isn’t just willing to muddle along for the rest of her life, she is a small town girl with big dreams and now she is in the city she is working on her game plan and while Brian isn’t the end game for her, she has a happy ever after with a big time doctor in her future or so she thinks, she may just need a little helping hand and who better than the man that is used to coming second…Brian.

Really I wasn’t sure that I was going to be completely on board with this but when Kendy put her proposal to Brian and he was ok with it, I think it softened the blow to my senses. I was a little more receptive to her plan when I could see that at least he knew what was going on this time, instead of being blindsided.

But was Brian playing his own game, had this gentle man learnt that life doesn’t always play by the rules and good guys sometimes have to tweak things in their own favour in order to come out on top?

Because he has a plan of his own, one that has no dishy doctor in Kendy’s future, but is he leading himself on? Can he convince Kendy that what he has to offer, a future he can give her is what she needs?

I was whooping at points in this book, really he grew a pair and stood up for himself, he took his forever and laid it out for her, he was honest, true and just so damn nice I was cheering for him all the way – I wanted him to have his forever, to get the girl he wanted and for it all to work out because he was a nice guy and nice guys deserve a fair shot.

But listen to me battering on about Brian, there was Kendy too and she was a sassy mare. The conversation and chemistry between the two of them was fabulous to read, it only added to the real feel good factor of the book.

A fabulous book to while away the hours.