White Rabbit: The Rise

by London Miller

I have read quite a few of London’s books and I would say that this is not far from the top, I especially liked the fact that the story was open to interpretation, off maybe that is being to generic, it was open to supposition. It encouraged me to try and decipher what was happening and why and moreover to try and fathom just what was happening with Uilleam and Karina.

Uilleam was a guy that knew what he wanted and for the most part that was ok with me, he wanted Karina and he was willing to do whatever it took to get her, it was obvious that he wasn’t the straightforward type of guy but for me that only increased my desire to know more about him and his secrets!

Karina wasn’t about to be the little woman so to speak, she had an iron will and  didn’t feel any need to hold her tongue when it came to saying exactly what she was thinking and I liked that, it proved to Uilleam that she was a woman to be reckoned with and that wasn’t just in her professional life as a journalist but also in her personal life with him.

As you can probably imagine there was a lot of angst and attitude throughout the book, the sexual tension was off the charts at times and the path to where they both needed to be was certainly not easy, but it was most definitely enjoyable

Fabulously well written, super descriptive, an all-round great read.


Topic: White Rabbit: The Rise by London Miller

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