Pulled Under

by Lisa Renee Jones

I am beginning to become addicted to this author’s work, and I tell you why…This book, this was the one that I just could find it in me to put down and that I read from start to finish in one sitting…without skimming. There was never a dull moment, never a sentence that didn’t fall neatly into place or a word that didn’t fulfil its absolute purpose, every single thing about this book was on the money!!!

The second in the Walker Security Series, this story focuses on Asher and Sierra and whilst Asher may have come from money, that didn’t mean he welcomed it.

His father was immensely wealthy but that held no court with Asher and he eventually turned his back on it and in the process, found himself in a downward spiral that he is now beginning to reap the rewards of being able to escape. His time with the underbelly of society, mixed up in the world of drugs and drug lords wasn’t what he either wanted or needed but he used his experiences to learn valuable lessons that are now bearing fruit but at what cost because after a decade away from that life, the team at Walker Security team are asking him to step back into a world that he thought he was well rid of.

I like that Asher was a principled man, his career mattered to him yes, but the fact that his connection to the drug world and by default drug lord Ju-Ju meant that he might be able to get information to help solve the murders of some young women was all that it took for him to be right back where he didn’t want to be.

Life undercover is tough and it is whilst he was gathering info that he meets Sierra, her story was harsh but she was a tough cookie, doing what had to be done in order to get up each morning and see the day through, nothing more than that, she was happy as long as she kept one step ahead of her past, one step ahead of everything she hated about her life and one step ahead of the threats that filled her day, but would she see that Asher was more than just another guy, that she could trust and lean on him and that he would protect her or would she continue to shoulder her pain alone.

I had high hopes for this pair and my hopes were not disappointed, I loved this, they totally blew me away and I couldn’t get to the end fast enough, it was captivating.

Topic: Pulled Under by Lisa Renee Jones

Date: 29/11/2017

By: Lisa Renee Jones


I love this review so much!! Thank you, Carol! xoxo, Lisa

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