Love & Ink

by JD Hawkins

A thought provoking read that was not only beautifully constructed but positively addictive.

I thought the author wielded his words with total majesty, the vivid descriptions meant that I didn’t lack for a clear picture, if anything I was completely immersed.

I thought the author’s style was engaging and the story had an almost perfect balance of not only angst, but attitude mixed with a sensitivity that as the story unfolded I believed wholeheartedly.

I thought Ash was a fantastic character but with Teo I was head over heels.

This may be an unexpected second chance, but it is also a real opportunity to have what you should never have let slip through your fingers in the first place…the past may want to be heard but that doesn’t mean to say it gets the last word.

I admired their determination and the dialogue between them, it was completely realistic and that only added to the fact that they were a couple that had a lot to not only make up for but to move on to.

With more than one Oh My moments, I began to wonder just how many times the story was going to knock me on my a**, especially when Teo pulls his ultimate gesture…I could have swooned on the spot!

A stellar read that kept me thoroughly entertained.

Topic: Love & Ink by JD Hawkins

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