Angel After Dark

by Kahlen Aymes


Book 1 in this new and seriously hot series by Kahlen Aymes the writer of the unforgettable Remembrance Trilogy.

After Ryan and Julia ( The Remembrance Trilogy) - I thought it might be difficult to get my head around new characters from this one for my very favourite authors but Hell No ! - Kahlen drags you straight in at the Prologue and holds you captive from then on.

Angel(ine) and Alex are a pressure cooker of sexual tension that draws you into their story and keeps the pages turning. Both powerful and sucessful individuals together they are dynamite but the undercurrent of threat mystery only adds to the plotline. This is no ordinary romance - smoking hot from the getgo - there is a sea of opportunity for this to get both hotter and more mysterious as the series unfolds and I cant wait.

Alex Avery, businessman exordinare is used to getting his own way but is grounded enough to not take everything for granted - he gave up his dreams of being a pianist to return to the family business and take over at the helm as CFO. Not one for relationships, he is honest enough to lay that on the line from the very start - he has only one problem - Dr Angeline Hemmings. Despite their introduction- as unorthodox as it may have been. Alex is smitten and for once - the is the one doing the chasing. Angeline, daughter of a school janitor has fought hard to get where she is now and is not about to become second fiddle to anyone - these two are Alpha with a capital A- and its all about to get interesting!!

They both have a healthy sexual appetite for each other but early on Alex feels a shift as he is drawn to protecting Alngel following an act of vanadlism that clearly indicates that Angel's may be in danger. Her career as a crimal profiler finds her in harms way and Alex ( with his bothers help) sets about finding out all he can about the guy she is up against.

Angel's best friend Becca is a scream and her daughter Jillian ( Jillybean) are a welcome addition to the story as is Darian - Angel's producer on the Friday night Radio show, who just happens to be best friends with Alex. I hope that we can learn more of their stories as the series continues.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the story and am eager to read more - these two may have just what it takes to go all the way!

Rating 5 out of 5