Angel in the Shadows

by Amy Deason


Madison Sinclair’s photograph career is going nowhere particularly fast, her boss is hardly her biggest fan, but that doesn’t mean she is going to let that deter her. She might not be everything that she could be but she is sure that what she does is worthwhile.

While on assignment at a party thrown by local billionaire Vance Goldston, Madison unfortunately finds herself embroiled in a situation that has the capacity to be terminally hazardous to her health.

Vance oozes with an aura of charm and sophistication that his wealth and status dictate as appropriate but is it all for show, after all looks can be deceiving?

Seth is Vance’s assistant and he is the picture of professional tact and discretion but while he might be the mega efficient p.a in the office, much like his boss looks can again be deceiving.

I had my doubts about not just Vance but Seth and I think the author seemed to like to throw me of balance so to speak, to almost slip in a distraction, a red herring that would cloudy my train of thought because with this story nothing was what I anticipated and the characters were expertly versed at playing their cards close to their chests.

The cat and mouse game that surrounds the three of them is encapsulating, the determination with which Madison is pursued and the risks that are taken to ensure that she stays safe mean that they all have more on the line than they can afford to lose.

After all Vance has his reputation to protect and Madison’s life is on the line but Seth he is caught between a rock and a hard place because the woman that he never expected may on one hand cost him everything but then again she may be the answer to everything he never knew he needed.

Making a call on what action to take next might be the biggest decision any of them will ever make.

A sound story that is pacey enough to keep you entertained and descriptive enough to hold your attention. Bright characters sweep through the story with enough charm and attitude to carry the mystery and intrigue that the story commands.

Topic: Angel in the Shadows by Amy Deason

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