by Kelly Moran

There are books that while you are sure that you are going to enjoy the story, you just have no idea what the author has in store for you and for me this was one of those read, Kelly Moran pulled out the big guns and blew me away.

The story belongs to Nate and Olivia, and whilst they meet over the most tragic of circumstances…after all Olivia’s brother Justin has passed away and Nate is delivering his last letter to her.

But unbeknown to her, he is also honouring the last promise, he made to Justin …to look out for his sister. I couldn’t help but think that this pair were getting the help they both needed to heel and move forward from beyond the grave, from the one person they share…Justin.

I certainly hoped that this protective big brother had known that his friend and his sister were just what either other needed.  Although had he been around, I am sure he would have had something to say about the fact that Nate seemed to have other ideas because he was adamant that despite the fact that he was super attracted to Olivia, nothing could ever come of them being together…yip let’s just see how that works out for you Nate!

I got the reason why he felt the way he did but that didn’t mean I liked it, not one little bit, I could feel my temperature and blood pressure rising, I wanted him to see that when it came to being a good man, he only had to look in the mirror.

Olivia had the patience of the saint, she knew what she wanted but she had a lot of work to put in to get through the walls that Nate had so carefully constructed around himself, darn the defence mechanism he had constructed was military grade…but just when she set her mind to showing him just wonderful they could be together, it became clear that the secrets that were holding Nate hostage had the capacity to not only break Olivia’s heart but also cost him the woman that he has come to love.

A super read, five glorious stars!

Topic: Redemption by Kelly Moran

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