Escape with Me

by Kristen Proby

I’m not sure why but I am aware of the fact that at times I can be a little critical when it comes to books that are a divergence from a series with which I have been totally besotted, so the fact that this is an offshoot of the “With Me in Seattle” series, I can say nothing more that I had to fight the urge to be harsh and truly try to immerse myself in a work from an author that I genuinely enjoy…I am glad I did because once I got into the flow of the story and heard what the characters were trying to say to me…I was hooked!
The O’Callaghans are great characters, feisty Irish siblings who have lots to say and are not shy at making sure that you hear them, and none more so than the indomitable Keegan.
When Izzy landed in his bar, thoroughly drenched, and dressed in her wedding finest, what ensued was literary genius, the pair of them had instant, natural chemistry but niggling doubts that were tethering them to an uncertainty that they just had to get to grips with…their connection had a life of its own and they had to learn fairly early on that they were not going to be able to fight it.
The two of them together just worked, they were engaging and articulate, I liked their physicality, the fact that they bounced off each other and were willing to get to their happy ever after one very precise step at a time. Keegan was the perfect gent in many respects but with Izzy, he had the woman that brought out a side of him that he had not really brought to the fore previously …she really was the right woman for the right guy…fate was having its say and refused to listen to any of their doubts.
As I have come to enjoy with this author, these were characters that it was easy to care about, they did not take long to become very engaging. The author gave them the opportunity to grow, to say what they wanted to say, and I felt obliged to listen.  In all honesty, this was a fabulous love story that gave me everything that I wanted in a story and a whole lot more.
Highly recommended!!


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