Bang: Challenge Accepted

by M Dauphin and H Q Frost


Dr Jenny Bang doesn’t do relationships, she’s more of a one amazing night and then see you later type of girl, just the way she likes it but we all change –right?

Because she has had her one night with Jack Reed and second helpings were never on the cards but this is one man that she cannot erase from her memory, and believe me she has tried.

So when she returns home to look after her best friend Ryley and her husband Liam, little boy while they head off on a short vacation, a do over is the last thing she is looking for.

But what she finds and how she feels might just have her rethinking her whole outlook on relationships.

Jack is a real sweetheart and he knows he wants more of the delicious Dr Bang but he also knows that his chances of getting her are very slim but that doesn’t stop him trying.

You have to give the man and A plus for dogged determination and by the end of the book, he was rocking the whole A- in a completely different context because this handsome man doesn’t have to think or try too much to turn his alpha tendencies on in the bedroom!

So what happens when they both start pulling in the same direction, can they make a long distance relationship work or is it farewell once again?

This is laugh out loud journey with not only two fantastic main characters but also the brilliant Ryley, Liam and Able (he was such a cutie!), a dog named firefly and a Mother that was far from ready to let go of appearances!

It had humour and heartache, jealousy and joy. The book was a super-rich concoction of humour and emotion. I loved the whole friendship between Ryley and Jenny, their conversations were just so pertinent and honest.

I swept through the book, loving every page and each encounter.

I admire the work and connection that both of these authors brought to the story, it was a magical collaboration, resulting in a fantastically funny romance.

Oh, and what happens is Vegas… does it stay in Vegas? You need to read to find out!!


Topic: Bang: Challenge Accepted by M Dauphin and H Q Frost

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