Damnable Grace

by Tillie Cole

There is a space in my heart that I will forever allow the Hades Hangmen to occupy, they bring a level of kindness into my life that some may never understand because despite the fact that I know that there are men that live by their own rules, my heart refuses to judge them because I know they break the rules for all the right reasons and never more so than when it involves the women that have stolen their souls.

I have fallen in love with each and every single one of the guys and their formidable women, ladies that have suffered at the hands of some of the worst human beings that I have ever encountered but that have flourished with the love of their bad a** bikers by their sides and with this AK and Phebe’s story I was keeping everything crossed that I would be able to survive the heartache that I knew was coming.

This is an author that doesn’t do tame, that doesn’t sanitise or surrender…she puts everything she has on the page and makes sure that as the reader I felt every single word, every jab, every shot and every tear.

Ms Cole, you slay me…every single time!!!!

AK’s story was one that I hadn’t expected, but once it was laid out it was one that knew I needed. Getting inside this guy’s head was totally consuming, the things that he had been through and that continued to plague him forced me to take a sharp intake of breath as I struggled to hold on to my dignity, I could have sobbed for a lot longer than I did!

But just when I thought I had read the worst that one human being can do to another, Ms Cole introduced me to the pure purgatory that was the life that Phebe lived, heck no scrub that she wasn’t living she was barely breathing, her life was beyond painful it was soul destroying but she had an unlikely hero waiting in the wings and he was ready to claim his “red”.

The story was brutal, way more than I anticipated but it needed to be, the experiences that they had both been through were the things that made them perfect for each other, theirs was a level of empathetic understanding that only one soul can bestow upon another, that one heart can recognise in another that has suffered a pain equally as crippling and this pair had subconsciously spoken and claimed each before they ever had an opportunity to put up a fight.

Fate takes no prisoners and neither AK or Phebe was going to prove the exception to that particular rule.

I loved that the other Hangmen also featured so prominently in the book, especially Flame and I really liked that there were some new characters to add to the library of Hangmen that I am desperate to find out about.

As tough as this book was, I finished it feeling replete, no time spent with the Hangmen is regretful, for me it is hauntingly beautiful that these men are willing to lay their lives on the line for their women and that despite the horror than some people are prepared wield in order bolster their misguided beliefs or feelings of self-importance, the Hangmen refuse to back away from what to others may look like lunacy!

No-one ever said love was easy and they earn their love the hard and we learn that what they have is unbreakable.

I’m not saying that this is going to be an easy read, I would never lie to you like that but what I will say is that it is going to be worth every single sharp intake of breath, every quiver of your bottom lip and every tissue that you cast aside.

Let AK and Phebe show you that despite the darkness, sadness and pain of their pasts they are ready and willing to fight for their own little bit of sunshine.


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