The Boxer

by Piper Rayne

This made me smile. I don’t know that I can say why exactly but I found that it just soothed my soul and brought a smile to my face that just refused to budge.

Tahlia, has it all or had it all I should say because she no longer has a fiancé, after discovering the fact that he was a cheating SOB! She works had, playing her part in the success of her families business but life or at least a social life has little interest …understandable so but with friends like hers’ there was no option to mope around for long because they had other ideas and that meant getting back out and about and even picking up a one night stand if the opportunity arises, now I’m not so sure that that particular bit of advice was coming from a solid footing but you can’t blame the girl for trying to shake of the bad memories, so grabbling the bull by the horns her besties decide to ensure that she is in the one place she isn’t going to run short of potential male attention…they head to a boxing match.

For someone who hasn’t got a sporting bone in her body, their decision was certainly entertaining but it was also inspired because how needs to know what the heck is happening in the ring when she is surrounded by some of the finest specimens of maleness she has seen in a long time, especially one particularly delightful blonde haired/greened idea beauty!

Lucas wasn’t what I anticipated, and I don’t think he was what Tahlia thought he would be either, especially when she discovered that the main bout of the night was going to feature none other than her primary focus of attention…him!

Boxing was Lucas’s passion, from college he has always been drawn to the noble art but he is fully aware of the fact that making it big is far from being a forgone conclusion, so he makes sure that he has a backup plan and if he can’t full fill his dreams in the ring himself, he will train the next batch of champions and open his own gym.

I loved his desire, and I was glad when it became clear that this was a guy that embraced desire in every aspect of his life because the fire that he and Tahlia managed to create was nothing short of spectacular. I loved him, he wore his heart on his sleeve and was willing to do whatever it took to keep Tahlia happy but was it all a little too easy?

I couldn’t help but wonder when the sh*t was going to hit the fan, because it all seemed too smooth. Did I get the angst I thought was pending? Well, what do you think!

Watch this one carefully as it unfurls cleverly before your very eyes…. delightful!!!

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