by Cassia Brightmore


I was blown away by Malevolent and wasn’t shy about my adoration of a new author and her stunning entry to the market but with this Evanesce, I have to say that she has simply blown my mind!!

So what can I tell you about this without telling you too much, as there isn’t a hope in hell that I would want you to skip past this little corker – you simply have to pull on your big girl pants, find your inner ninja and buckle up for a trip to the dark side!!!

Because this will drag into its dark magnificence whether you want to go or not and once you are there it will consume you.

The book immense and I quite simply adored every single word!

Norton Springs is living in fear, the whole town reeling from the evil that has descended on them.

Women and children are not safe, disappearing into the ether and the local law enforcement are at a loss to either stop or understand it. The whole town in some respects is living in constant fear and terror.

But I couldn’t help but think just how much of this are they willing to put up with before they are too far down the road to be able to turn back and undo the horror that they have endured?

Gabe Thornton had no idea when he came back to town what exactly he was walking into but it could never have been what he got.

All he wanted was another chance to claim his woman, to find Nora and make her see that no matter how much she denies her feelings, she belongs with him.

But is he too late?

The devastation that is devouring the town from within its own midst is threatening his plan but when faced with fighting for his future, Gabe is up for the challenge. Events soon begin to click into place in his head but they take on a more defined sense of urgency when Nora ends up pregnant!

But can he keep them safe? And more over just how much more will they have to endure?

I could say more but then again, I don’t think I can… this is a story that twists and turns that whip up from nowhere and will leave you blindsided.

I felt as if I could have quite easily hyperventilated at some points and at other points, I think I practically stopped breathing all together!

Cassia took my soul and owned it! She led me down and dark and dangerous path, introducing me to characters that I both cried and cursed at.

This is not a gentle meander into the day to day lives of this fictional town, it is a drop into the depths of despair novel and keep your fingers crossed that you make it out in one piece.