Dirty Bastard by Emily Minton and Shelley Springfield

I enjoy a MC read but when I saw when these two author were teaming up I was keen to see where they would take their talents.

Boz and Trix had the sort of introduction that started way too soon, and it started what was going to be almost a drip feed romance. It took its time to not only find its feet but to show its hand.

Catching on to where this was going was not straight forward, the author held vital clue and details to the most pertinent moment and when they unleashed the details the impact was perfect.

Boz had his first encounter with Trix when she was just a kid, and their fathers, both members different MC’s got together at a clubhouse party.

But the future is filled with more than that initial introduction could have ever imply. Because roll the years forward and Boz has one thing on his mind, revenge and central to his plans is Trix.

In typical MC fashion this had everything you could have ever imagined and probably a few that you would never even all to wander their way through your subconscious, these guys leave nothing on the table.

This is nothing that is off limits, the book has kidnapping, traitorous actions that beggar belief, sexy hot biker brothers that will stop at nothing for their club.

As expected the two of them had a rough journey to travel before they could find any semblance of a relationship but will they be able to face it together or will their battle continue in opposition?

I have to say that I found the other guys really put more into the story than I thought they would. I am looking forward to seeing where some of them are heading.

Topic: Dirty Bastard by Emily Minton and Shelley Springfield

Date: 28/04/2016

By: Emily Minton

Subject: Dirty Bastard Review

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