Teasing Hands by Elena M. Reyes

You will love Amanda, she is the type of girl that you want to have by your side and to be able to call your friend.

She is far from ordinary – no shrinking violet, she has it all and in bucket loads. A star in the world of college basketball, she is grounded which in no short measure is due to the fact that she has the type of parents that kids thrive under. They withhold nothing from her – there love, their discipline and their encouragement.

Spending time with her mum is never a chore but it is funny in that in one of her mother’s more inspired bonding session, Amanda meets the delectable Camden – massage therapist extraordinaire.

Camden is glorious, he is so hot, he sizzles, and Amanda is putty in his hands. He is so masculine it is painful, he is demanding yet demonstrative a true Alpha male. His dulcet tones are enough to have you panting and falling over yourself to obey his every wish – but he may be good but he has one skill that eludes him and that is the one that Amanda is looking for… the ability to commit.

No matter how hot the connection the two of them have decisions to make and with Amanda’s ex hanging around like a bad smell trying to convince her that they should try again – I was praying that Amanda would make the right decision and hang on for Camden to see the light – will I tell you if he does? Not a chance that is something that you need to find out for yourself.

It was great to read a story about a young woman who is confident on her own skin and prepared to stand her ground. I loved the fact that both Camden and Amanda were passionate and demonstrative. Although they both have a stubborn streak that is a mile wide.

But can they overcome their obstacles in order to have a life time of passion and commitment.

One moment in time is all it takes to find the love of your life but it takes a life time of moments to keep them.

I appreciated the authors efforts to make sure that the emotion of the story is complete, they are open to the pleasure and pain that life throws at them and they are not afraid to show exactly how they feel, be that their love or on occasion their sadness.

To sum the book up I have to say it was a great read, one that while not likely to take you too long, should not be rushed – please spend time with Camden ladies – he will not disappoint!!