The Proposition by MJ Greenaway and Anna Starr

This book had a nice relaxed pace about it, it flowed really smoothly and was perfectly placed to pull everything you would want from a romance novel all together in one place.

I like that the author gave the main characters Rowan and Hannah time to get to experience not only each other but what being together had to offer, that they worked up to their relationship. Real life is an experience and I think the author certainly showed that with these characters, although at times Hannah managed to find my very last nerve at times and get right on it!

But there was method in the motive that the author used to bring her to life on the page and in the long run I sort of got why she had been portrayed in that way, the author clarified her character and her reaction to events and it made sense, so I stood corrected and ever so slightly shamed of myself for being a little too hasty!

They are both a product of the pasts but could they shake that off and allow themselves the opportunity to have a future that they deserved. No-one can ever wipe the slate completely clean but they can move on, I just hoped that Rowan and Hannah were going to be able to do just that.

I liked the element of vulnerability that the author gave them both, she showed that while they appeared to have everything emotionally nailed down, looks can be deceiving and they were far from the complete article, they needed to let each other in for that to become a reality.

Once I started the book, I would have to say that I found it difficult to put down, there just didn’t seem to be a point at which I was willing to part company with them, I liked the tone the author used and the pitch of the humour that was sprinkled through the story certainly brought a different feel to some of even the most delicate of times.

Highly recommended.

Topic: The Proposition by MJ Greenaway and Anna Starr

Date: 26/10/2016

By: MJ Greenway

Subject: Thanks!

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