High by LP Lovell

I’m a huge fan of LP Lovell but that being said, I am a bigger fan of a good read…if you can hold my attention, make me laugh and give me characters that not only challenge but win my heart, then in my opinion I am onto a winner, this did just that!!!

Oh but a quick word of warning, the humour is very British, so you will need to keep your wits about you, it is sharp and showcases that uniquely sarcastic edge that we just love to wield!

Blake is the perfect party girl, never happier than when she is letting her hair down and loving the limelight or so it would seem but how healthy is it getting pie eyed time and time again and just long will it be before her excesses catch up to her?

Well she is soon to discover, because after an enforced visit to New York at the behest of her parents, she falls into her usual pattern, waking up in the bed of a complete stranger…although this one is in a league of his own, he is smoking hot!

Desperate to make a quick escape and tread her internally well-worn wake of shame, her handsome conquest flips her world on its head with a toe curler of a kiss. And while she may have thought all she was left with was a memory of their night and that kiss, she gets more than she bargains for when Mr Gorgeous reappears in London.

Rhett has made his way in the world the only way he knows how, fighting tooth and nail to succeed, battling the consequence’s that being brought up around drugs and at the mercy of gangs is no way to form an opinion of the world but this abject situation did one thing for Rhett, it set his bar high when it comes to life and he is a man that gets what he wants through hell or high water.

I loved the fact that he was in the UK for nothing other than Blake, she should have always been a one-night stand, until he could get her out of either his head or his heart.

He never meant for her to mean anything, he never meant to fall for her but try telling his heart that, it wanted her and was prepared to battle him all the way to make sure he was quickly getting with the program, mind you he still had to convince Blake to see things from his point of view. She wasn’t exactly a willing participant of what he had in mind.

Now, you will like Blake, I found her a feisty funny girl who I had no trouble picturing perched on a high stool at the end of the cocktail bar making more than a little dent on the menu! Life was one great big party for her, or so she continued to portray until you get a subtle peak under her surface and then just then you get to see what it is that makes this beautiful woman tick and in some respects emotionally she is not a lot different from Rhett.

And it takes one to know one, Rhett can see right through her charade and as hard as she protests, it is impossible to disguise the way he is able to not only pull her apart but also to be the one to catch the pieces as the pool around her.

When she hits her lowest point…my head hurt for her.

But what about her knight in shining armour, well he can rescue me any time he wants!

He is a very suave, charming man, with some lightly rough edges but his past has left its mark and there isn’t one single iota of his being that does not ooze ALPHA (and yes, I do mean with dirty big shouty capital letters!)  From almost the minute he appeared on the page, he set my kindle alight and I was counting on the fact that, that little flame was never going out.

As you can imagine, not everything is plain sailing between these strong characters, they could quite easily have been at loggerheads much of the story but they when you read the story and get to grips with what is going on for them both you will understand that some decisions are just harder to come to terms with.

Keep your mind open and I am sure you will love this, there is nothing that is going to have you running or the hills.

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