Letting Lox In

by S M Donaldson


First book in a MMA Series and I am a shoe in – never going to not read this, I am happiest when I have a fighter in my hands!

Sloan was the best single mom you could ever wish to have, she turned her back on an ex that when he made it big, and thought she would just take his money and abort what he thought was nothing more an her problem. But Sloan had other ideas then and she still does. Her son Sage was the only man that mattered in her life and that didn’t look like changing anytime soon.

But when Lox Storm’s butt lands on her massage table, life for them both is never going to be the same again.

Lox trains at Marco’s gym and is doing everything he can to turn pro but when he gets injured his future is in Sloan’s hands, little did he know that his heart was too.

Lox is the son of a single mom , so he has an understanding of the situation that Sloan is in all be it from Sage’s point of view but the resistance he meets from Sloan has him all the more determined to find a way through her armour. The connection is too intense to let it fizzle.

I liked the two of them, they were an engaging pair and when they finally got their act together they were everything I could have possibly hoped for

Topic: Letting Lox In by S M Donaldson

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