Refusing to Fall by W Ferraro

This may be the third in the series but I hold my hands up in surrender because this is punching well above its weight.

Refusing to Fall is a fabulously hot and wicked ride, Reed will take you on a trip that you are never ever going to want to end, I know I didn’t.

He has his life planned out, he knows where he is going and how he intends to get there, he leaves nothing to chance and is very guarded and intensely private when it comes to certain matters, even going as far as to ensure that when it comes to his privacy even his friends and family on a strictly need to know basis.

Now this had me questioning what the heck had made him that way and why was he so shady?

But I needn’t have worried because once Colby entered his life, this structured man was never ever going to be the same again.

They were like chalk and cheese but there was a magnetic attraction between the two of them that just refused to go away.

Now I liked the fact that they were so different but what I loved was the conflict that those traits brought out in the two of them. It made them question not what and how they were but what and how they wanted to be in the future.

Just as you would expect the author kept me guessing as to which way the cards were going to fall, I was awash with questions, doubt and quandaries it was enough to have me biting my nails.

Was Colby really ready to have a relationship with Reed? I mean it wasn’t something she seemed willing at one point to even consider.

What the heck was up with Reed and his demand for privacy? Was he hiding more than she could cope with or was he just hiding Colby? I certainly got the impression that she thought the latter.

There was more to this story than just the push me/pull me situation with Colby and Reed and there are more characters that will have you enthralled than you can shake a stick at but what you will not be able to do is pull yourself away from the mystery and intrigue of the whole situation.

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