Easy Virtue

by Mia Asher


I try not to compare works that are unrelated by authors but in this case, Mia’s first book Arsen had me feeling ever so slightly worried at what to expect when I picked up Easy Virtue for the first time. Arsen floored me, it was something I hadn’t expected and I have to say the woman has gone and done it again because Easy Virtue will knock you off your feet!

This is the story of Blaire White, and whether you like her or not, you will listen to her story and devour her tale because the way she is written will have you completely captivated.

Growing up was no walk in the park but what she lacked was acceptance, the feeling that she mattered and was loved. Ignored by parents for most of her childhood, she set about forging her own way in the world, determining what type of woman she wanted to be. And after shedding her pubescent weight, she quickly discovers that beauty may only be skin deep but it is enough to get you what you want in life.

Men will do anything to have her, give anything to be with her and she will be whatever they want in order to live in the manner that she has now become accustomed. Corrupted by greed, Blaire is the epitome of a gold digger.

But just when you think you have the book sussed, up pops Ronan and boy, does he throw a spanner in the works. Because despite what she feels for him, and she does feel plenty, she just can’t give up the way of life that she has become so embroiled in.

Ronan was everything that Blaire needed and she should have wanted nothing else but I felt that he was too good for her and I honestly felt like shouting at him to walk away!

Blaire was totally screwed up; she really wasn’t a particularly nice person and was fairly difficult to get a handle on when it came to understanding her and her choices.

I got that the author took me, the reader out of the norm and gave me a lead character that I would have to work hard to find something to connect with but I did connect, she had issues that were deep seated, ones that had her held to her method of survival and ones that she was never going to be able to shake.

Wanting to be loved is a basic human urge and without it, you are left with nothing, so I understood why she was determined to do whatever it took to find her crumb of consolement.

Her men may not have always seen her for who she really was but they were never meant to, they never mattered to Blaire.

With a second book to come, I look forward to continuing the story.