Perfect Love Story

by Natasha Madison

There are titles that sometimes lead you to think that what you are getting is more than what actually materializes, but with this the latest read from Natasha Madison, I can’t say that that is the case because the title of this book, matched its contents to absolute perfection. This was exactly with it set out to be…the Perfect Love Story.
The author made sure to hit hard from the outset and it didn’t take long for me to be totally hooked. There was an emotional depth to the story that just refused to give me the opportunity to put it down, it was relentless in its endeavor to burrow its way under my skin.
I could feel my heart hurting as I read through each chapter, it seemed as if the characters were doing their utmost to tip me over the edge and hand sup they succeeded on more than one occasion. I held my hand to my chest and wept at one point, the emotion of the story finally breaking me…what a read!
Hailey story isn’t easy but please don’t be disheartened because as much as you feel her pain, as you journey with her through the book, you will also feel her joy. You will see true grit and determination, you will see a family that stands tall together, you will see resolution and reverence but most of all you will feel hope, you will feel strength and you will feel love.
Hailey isn’t alone in the pain and suffering department, Jensen isn’t had it easy, but as a single father he has mustered his energy and devoted everything he has to his daughter, creating an impenetrable fortress around himself that he protects at all costs, unwilling to lay his heart bare again, the devastation that his divorce reeked on his life has left long-standing ramifications…or so it appeared until his little girl just happens to meet a woman just as broken as her daddy was.
This was fine work, probably one of the finest love stories that I have read in many years. I felt drained when I finished but that doesn’t mean that I’m not desperate to dive straight back in…I just think I may have to settle my soul a little first.
Emotionally more than most could ever hope to achieve, this was a bruiser, with raw honest emotion portrayed just how it should be…beautifully!

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