by Katy Evans

There are many books that I can say I love, that I adore and that I have read time and time again BUT there is only one series that can make my heart beat faster and that I quite simply could not live without having to hand.

I have read, read and read again the Real Series, so when Ms. Evans announced that Racer, son of the phenomenon that is Remy and Brooke, was being added to the series, my heart almost stopped…totally amazing!

Racer is every bit as glorious as his father but he brings more to the page  ( if that is even possible) because he has his own sexy edge, that only a Tate can muster. It is often said in regard to children that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and in this case, that old adage is most definitely true because Racer was definitely his father's son and for me that only intensified the fact that I thought he was simply divine.

Unlike his father, Racer hasn’t entered the ring ( although it wasn't for the want of Remy trying to entice him) but Racer's future lies in a totally different direction, one that doesn’t mean he is taking life at a more leisurely pace, nope, not in the slightest, it only means that this guy lives up to his name in every sense of the word.

Top dog in the street car racing world, to me it appeared as if Racer had been almost exorcizing his demons behind the wheel of his muscle car but when the super sharp Lana enters his world, he has more than just a potential career change to deal with, because she may not have known exactly who she was looking for, in her quest to help her family turn around failing F1 fortunes but having set eyes on him, she now knows that Racer is her guy (and since my second passion and annual vacation is spent watching live F1…I was in ecstasy at this point!)

Much like his father, Racer isn’t one to let his emotions rule him but that doesn’t mean that he is able to keep them under control either, and internally he struggles to rationalize just how he feels about this beautifully confident woman.

And again, much like his father, there wasn't a cat in hells chance that he was going to let the best thing to walk into his life slip through his fingers.

The intensity of their connection had me totally captivated, they were the balm needed to soothe each other’s souls and that simplicity allowed their story to carry me on a breeze almost. Lana was the perfect antidote to his almost highly-strung personality ( he had his reasons as you will discover) and once he allowed not only Lana but us to see beneath the surface, I fell even harder for them both. When he gave her the earbud for his headphones and they listened together on the flight to Australia, I was catapulted back to Remy and Brooke and I could feel my heart skip a beat.

I adored the fact that no matter how fantastic Racer was, he was peppered with self-doubt but then again with the infamous Remington "Riptide" Tate as a father, the world seemed to think he had a lot to live up to. I think it was that external pressure that laid heaviest on him because accepting that Lana could and did love him just the way he was didn’t come easily to Racer but he had to quickly understand that this was a woman that was in his life for the long haul and that brought not only the highest of highs but the most evocative swings of emotion...I adored Lana for nothing other than the fact that she was quite simply perfect for him, much as his mother had been for Remy.

As I expect with this author, her attention to detail and the captivating descriptions totally held me hostage.

I loved the intensity that she threw into the F1 passages of the book, I’ve stood trackside and felt those emotions, the feel of the racecars thundering past and the roar of the crowd, I could almost anticipate the vibration of the engine rumble through me as I was reading. It completely blew me away!

With the whole Tate family present throughout the book, this was more than just a read, I was comfortable, it felt like home and if I could ask one thing of Ms. Evans, then it would be ….please let them stay, I promise I will look after them!!!!!

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