Shame on Him by Tara Sivec

Shame on Him by Tara Sivec

Book 3 in the Fool Me Once Series


Short, Sharp, Witty read – what more could you ask!

This is every bit as funny as the first two books and with Lorelei and Dallas there is enough chemistry to set the story alight.

 Lorelei has always towed the line, been the epitome of what her parents had hoped, the perfect daughter, the perfect student and now the perfect lawyer but she is hiding one huge secret from them – it may be what they want but it is not what she wants!

Having hid the fact that she had started up Fool Me Once Investigations from her parents, she has set her heart on giving up the courtroom and joining the agency full time as a private investigator. It is just a matter of biting the bullet and telling them.

When she inadvertently discovers a dead body – when trying to serve a subpoena, she sees her chance and sets her stall out in an attempt to solve the case – local law enforcement have other ideas and call in the assistance of Dallas Osborne, fellow investigator but all round pain in Lorelei’s ass.

Dallas has his own P.I. Business and knows just how to rub Lorelei up the wrong way – but there is definitely and attraction between the pair of them. And when eventually they get their act together – the passion is scorching!

Refusing to be side lined, Lorelei starts her investigation completely off the books – flying under the official investigation but when things get a little too hot to handle for this novice investigator – will she be able to tie up all the loose ends without becoming one of them herself? Or will Dallas be able to save his woman?

This has been a fabulous series, full of brilliantly funny characters and swift but engaging stories.