Delusive by Courtney Lane


This is a very cleverly written and remarkably elaborate tale, one that I have to say holds you completely engrossed.

It kept my brain trotting along desperate to keep up with the twists and turns of the plot but it also had me rooting for both Hanley and Elias but initially for entirely different reasons.

Hanley lives her life with complete structure, she has a plan, one that she doesn’t deviate from, and one which completely serves its purpose and it is one that Elias and her confused feelings for him does not fit into.

But rocking her perfectly ordered world her desire for Elias leaves her with a choice to make, risk it all or walk away.

Love is the complete antithesis of the revenge that she harbours in her soul, long held, deep seated hatred that has been passed down and now lays perfectly at her door, but is it her war to wage?

Elias has the confidence of a powerful family feeding his ego, but I have to say that he does a bloody good job of keeping the real Elias well hidden.

The two of them really did lead not only each other but us as the reader on a very elaborate dance. Neither was willing to show their hand and that only means that the kicker of the story is a doozy that you don’t see coming until it is too late!

Elias stops at nothing to be and do exactly what he wants, to be the man that he knows he wants to be and Hanley has some tough decision in her bid to keep up with him.

They really are a dynamic pair, but the gamble they are taking and the odds that they are playing with are immense, they deal out hands that are stacked with greed and revenge and they lace the whole scenario with lies and subterfuge – and I loved it!!!