Wet by Stacy Kestwick

This was a tonic, one that just let me escape.

Sadie is the main female character and dear lord she is a dippy mare – so sweet, funny and kind – she brought a smile to lips that when reading her was practically a permanent fixture. I say practically because there were times when I just wanted to knock some sense into her and tell her to get a grip and take control of her relationship with West rather than pussy foot around.

West on the other hand is a “marmite” character – you will either love him or hate him – me, I loved him I think he is just thick rather than he is conniving. He hasn’t a clue what he is doing most of the time or more to the point he has no idea how much of an absolute idiot he is being.

Then there is Aubrey – don’t get me started on that witch – I could have reached into my kindle and ripped her eyelashes out one by one!

She was a sly and manipulative as they came but always found a way to deflect any suspicions and blame. The woman could be a politician, she was an expert in her craft.

The peripheral characters gave enough detail in their stories that I hope they too get to share some more of their lives with us in future books especially Rue and Grady but if I can plead for anything in the next book then please let it be that Sadie gets to kick Aubrey’s butt!