Stone Cold Cowboy by Jennifer Ryan

At well over 350 pages, I was knee deep in this book for much longer than I thought I was going to be, but dish me up a cowboy and primarily I am as happy as a pig in the proverbial but this Stone Cold Cowboy turned all that on its head and handed my happy roll in the hay to the wolves!

This was an OMG story.

I finished it a couple of days ago and it has taken that long to get my head around how to put my thoughts down on paper.

Sadie…wow, woman you have earnt your stripes, for a young woman, she hasn’t lived life, she has survived it, although only just. Really I had to stop to draw breath on more than one occasion and I couldn’t stop the tears at one point, it was just so raw.

Please read her story, it will break your heart.

But to balance the harshness of Sadie’s story the author brings some light into her life, when Rory saves her, I don’t actually life saying that but in this case I actually think it is the only description that is truly accurate.

He tries, he really does to restore her faith in humanity. To show her that how things have been previously doesn’t mean that, that is who it will always be.

With the help of his family he goes above and beyond, I adored him.

But could Sadie see what was on offer and would she reach out and grab it or would her past keep her emotionally shackled?

While story caught me completely of guard, I will have to say that it was Sadie’s horror story that will live me much longer than I would have ever anticipated.

This was not your average story, it was way above that and as a reader it is always a joy to find a story that takes you by surprise.

This shocked the socks off me!!!

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