by Stylo Fantôme

I’ve not read many books by this author, but even if I had I doubt that I would have much of an inkling of what was to come because I certainly haven’t read anything like this before from any author, it wasn’t just dark, nope this was positively dangerous to both mind and body! This was a hostage situation…between me and the book, I quite simply couldn’t give it up!

Emma was far from Ok, she was broken in every way possible but to look at the average Joe in the street wouldn’t be able to tell, she hid her pain well…or so she thought because you can’t kid a kidder and when Church Logan saw her, he instantly knew that this was a woman just as damaged as he was… well, I doubt anyone is actually quite that broken but you get the gist, there was a definite affinity.

Church was the guy that the whole town steered well clear off, the loner that nobody knew or wanted to know and he liked it like that, his plans were carefully laid and keeping himself aloof suited him well. But would Emma derail him?

Well only time would tell but I can say that as insular as he was, as methodical as he was, as much of a maniac as he was…he also cared, and with Emma that showed, not very often I will admit but he wasn’t averse to exhibiting weakness on occasion and I thought that brought more to the fore about him that all his deviousness.

There was an entrenchment that seemed to settle in between the two of them, an understanding that didn’t need words to manifest itself, they had a connection that was intrinsically understood. Yes, they were both broken but that didn’t mean that they weren’t both brilliant in their own way. They had me totally befuddled and as the events unfold throughout the book, I must admit that I could hardly believe what I was reading, I was caught unawares on more than one occasion.

I would say here that you would be mindful to pay heed to the authors warning that this pushes buttons….it will not only push them, it keeps its finger on the button just to hammer home the point!! This pair will take you to places that WILL make you uncomfortable and if like me you are ok with that then you are going to love every crazy a**ed minute you spend in their company! Because this is a couple that have no boundaries, no limits and no f**ks are given about it either!

If you are looking for something that truly deserved the label unique…well congratulations, you’ve found it!


Topic: CHURCH. by Stylo Fantôme

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