Kill Me by LP Lovell

Good F**king God LP, what are you doing to me, you’re a cruel woman! I could barely breath as I made my way through this story, I was afraid of what was coming next and whether I was going to be able to cope with it when it did.

I loved the feel of the book the fact that as alpha as Nero was, Una was every inch a match for him, a strong “alpha” woman almost. I wanted the best for her, she had been through more than I could almost get my head around but she was a self-made woman, her own creation and while she may have moulded herself into the most efficient of killers possible she couldn’t hide her pain every minute of every day. I liked that we got to see the feelings, and uncertainties that she had, she was treading affine line for so much of the story, a balancing act that had her wondering where her heart needed to be and with whom?

She was a woman that wanted a man in every sense of the word but as much as she wanted Nero, she was in no hurry to let him have it all his own way. But Nero wasn’t about to just roll over and play by her rules, he had his own path to tread and getting this alpha woman to see that she was going to have to meet him somewhere nearer his side of the fence was going to be his biggest challenge.

The author armed them both well, with sharp wit and mental acumen, they were so hot together that I was gasping but the physical aspect of their relationship was only a tiny part of what was between them because as much as they were almost symbiotic but, what I think defined them was the mental capacity they shared because between the two of them, because while they were equals intellectually and verbally, they seemed to relish emotionally toying with each other and I think that they seemed to thrive on their ability to flex that aspect of their relationship.

They were beautifully broken in almost every aspect as individuals, completely damaged but functioning, although at times it appears to be only just above what would have possibly had then certified as completely insane but Nero knows what makes Una tick and she is able to see that despite her makeup, she needs a man like Nero in order to allow her to cut free almost, even if it is only from herself.

With more to come I simply cannot wait to see where the author is heading next but I think I need a lie down in a dark room for a while first!

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