Friction by Sapphire Knight

I can hardly speak let alone adequately articulate the way I feel after finishing this book and I am writing this after having just closed the cover on my kindle …I feel completely distraught.

The book was devastating but beautiful in equal measure.

I cannot put into words the way I feel about Twist and Sadie, they are astonishing.

The life that Twist had endured, the things he had experienced long before he joined the MC were beyond bad, they were soul destroying but this man was nothing if not carved from stone, he was as tough as old boots or so he would have you believe, because there was more going on under the skin of this troubled biker than the world had a right to know.

Sadie, Oh My…she was the most amazing woman, she had a heart that just oozed love, she had the most amazing spirit but she is left in a predicament that she hadn’t anticipated and takes off back to Texas, her family and primarily to the man she knows she can trust her brother Silas.

I, for one was glad she did, she belonged with her family and when she gets to know Twist I knew that she belonged with him too. The way she loved him unconditionally, she was there for him without reservation, without inquisition, without reproach, he was a man drowning in his own pain but that could be comforted in the knowledge that someone as amazing as Sadie was by his side, no matter what.

I have sniffed and sobbed my way through huge chunks of this story, barely able to make sense of the things that Twist has been through, knowing full well the mettle of the man was something I would never understand.

The author delivered on all fronts with this book, there was dark and light, love and hate, pain and pleasure but through it all there came Twist and Sadie and that knowledge alone is the reason I can sit here with a s smile on my face.

Topic: Friction by Sapphire Knight

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