The Sergeant's Protection

by K. Langston

Like a fool, I read this before the ones that came before it and while it stood well as its own story, all I achieve was a frustration that grew as I went through the story because this was fabulous and I knew that I have two more that I had missed out on!

Anyway, what about this…well Selena was a fantastic woman, she was everything that you would least expect from a child brought up by a father that lived his life fully submerged in a world that I could barely comprehend. He had a hand in everything that was so wrong in the world but his daughter wasn’t willing to be absorbed into that life and when she met Justin Cunningham, she found a man that was everything she knew she could ever need.

Justin, OMG this guy took my breath away, he may carry a badge in his pocket but that pales into insignificance with what he carries in his heart, he loves with everything he has and refuses to be limited in any way, neither his badge or anything else will stop him protecting Selena…lookup alpha in the dictionary and I am sure he will be in there somewhere!

There was lots of angst and attitude throughout the book, a few twists and turns that I never saw coming and I doubt you will either.

A fantastic story.

Topic: The Sergeant's Protection by K. Langston

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