Room Service

by Poppy Dunne

Perfect, there is nothing not to like about this book, it does exactly what the blurb says it is going to and it does it with a charm and wit that brought a smile to my face and ensured that it stayed there right up till I finished the very last paragraph.

Alexandrina is a hoot! I want to be her bestie, she made me chortle out loud and not care one jot about what those around me thought about my lack of social skills, honestly there are times when you just don’t have to take yourself too seriously and this book brought that out in me.

Knee deep in work and room service Alex is miffed when her mother calls her to let her know that her ex has accepted an invitation to attending her brother’s wedding.

Now I would have been more than a little peeved about his brass neck – attending her brother’s wedding is a really douche thing to do but Alex knows that she has to think quickly and that her options are very limited since the wedding is this weekend and she is very much a single woman…but there is no chance her ex will ever know that!

So in a flurry of brilliance her little white lie trips easily from her tongue…she will be in attendance with her boyfriend Ben. I can hear you…who is Ben? Well he is just as much in the dark as you are because other than a fleeting visit to her room to deliver her food, Ben and Alex have yet to become acquainted!

So as you would expect the ensuing arrangement has potential car crash written all over it but that is until you get a load of Ben because this guy is just the best. He listened to her request and when he accepted he was absolutely all in, he was perfect boyfriend material and the fact that it was all a lie was a mere technicality!

Alex, was brilliant, she stood her ground, she spoke her mind and he brought the biggest smile to my face with her absolutely fabulously smart mouth!

Together they were everything I wanted to read and then some, loved them!

Topic: Room Service by Poppy Dunne

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