Beseiged by LP Lovell

Being the first book in a series by new author LP Lovell I was intrigued to find out if I would enjoy not only the story but the writing style.

I can safely say that I was appeased on both fronts. Not only has Ms Lovell proved her worth as a writer but she has proved to be the purveyor of a first class piece of work and I am already looking forward to the next book.

Well let’s get on to what I thought of this in more details.

Books set in the UK are a rarity and therefore the fact that this was set in London was a huge plus point for me.

The main characters Theo and Lilly meet in a club, and when Theo turns on the charm he gets short shrift from Lilly – she is just not interested.

Blow to the ego or what because Theo Ellis is definitely not one to take rejection well.

Well done Lilly – I like your style already!

Just settling forth on her career with a prestigious firm of solicitors, Lilly is left reeling when she discovers that the guy she knocked back is one of the firm’s biggest clients – damn!!

And now he knows how to get to her, Mr Ellis is definitely up for the challenge of getting this woman into his bed – shame she is not going to give him an easy ride!!

He really has his work cut out for him but he has no intention of taking no for an answer

Despite his confidence, I loved the fact that Lilly knew her own mind and gave his attitude right back to him in bucket loads, she was adamant that she would not be another one of his conquests – let the battle of wills commence.

Theo Ellis may have been born into money but through his shrewd business acumen  he is successful in his own right now – so much so that he spend much of his time indulging not only himself but the press with his extracurricular activities.

Never one to go back for seconds, Theo is a love them and leave them type of guy, one that you know that you are going to get one good night with and then just as quickly you get the cab fare home, never to be seen again. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea but for Theo it is just the way he operates and it has served him well to date.

Lilly was a joy to read, because finally this is someone that can play Theo at his own game, she gave no quarter to him and in that she presented herself as more of a challenge, he could see himself in her and that captivated him. Lilly was no shrinking violet when it comes to sex and like Theo, she thrived in the field of one night stands.

But no matter what her mind is telling her, she cannot help but be captivated by Theo. She fights it as best she can and they tussle for control but the draw is there and it is a case of not if but when they will eventually find a middle ground and get together.

Lilly’s control issues are deep seated and stem from a dark place inside her but one very determined Mr Ellis plays a gentle game with her and inch by inch, step by step he breaks her down and in the process finds that she has wormed her way into his soul. He falls hard for her before he even knows what to do about it.

I adored Theo’s best friend Hugo – he was simply brilliant – everything that a man like Theo would have as a friend and desperately trying to fill Theo’s shoes in the man-whore department! Also hot on the tail of Lilly were George and Molly – every girl needs her besties with her and this pair were made for the job!!

While the plot may not be something that has not been around the block before, the content was – it was a delightful, funny and completely fascinating debut novel and I am confident that book two will be just as successful.


Rating 4.5 out of 5