Remnants of Evil

by Reily Garrett

This series just seems to get better and better with each book. The author is able to instil so much information both consciously and subconsciously into not only the characters but the descriptive telling of the events as they unfold, that I could practically smell the anticipation and fear.

Remnants of Evil was exceptional in as much as the characters brought so much to the page, their story was one that left me breathless much of the time, high on the anticipation of just what the heck was happening.

I loved Abby, a sharp woman who knows her own mind, a survivor of a heinous crime that refuses to be a victim and who uses her position as an attorney to fight for justice wherever needed but when things start to head downhill pretty sharpish, she refused to lay down and take the easy option, life may be handing her everything she doesn’t want or need but that doesn’t mean she is the sort of woman to hide…nope when it became clear that she has a stalker, she is ready to face it head on…come what may!

Royden is partners with one of Abby’s brothers and as a detective, you would think he is just the guy to keep her safe, but with her determination to stand her ground, keeping her out of the clutches of her own special lunatic is proving harder than he would like. But there is no chance he is going to let anything happen to her, he loves her too much for that to even be an option. But was that wishful thinking?

I was on the edge of my seat as I tried desperately to work out just what the heck was going and more to the point not necessarily who but why they were doing what they were. Of course, it was impossible not to love the cast of characters, the fact all of the McAllister’s get in on the show, the fact that the author gave me someone that I could truly despise and others that I spent far too long cursing out that was probably acceptable.

I laughed, I shouted, I cried, and I yelled but most of all I fell a little more in love with the McAllister family all over again!


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